Since our establishment in 1995, C.P.I.S. Limited has been providing client-focused inspection services to Trinidad and the Caribbean, always with the same objective:

Forging a partnership with our clients to develop and maintain an efficient and effective Inspection Program tailored to their individual needs.

That is why our list of services is always increasing, as we work diligently and intelligently to serve YOU better. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we always strive to meet and exceed governing codes and regulations, doing so in the safest way possible.


Within the walls of C.P.I.S. Limited are persons who don’t just care about making a dollar, but we aim to staff persons who are motivated and hold a passion and genuine interest in the field of inspection and asset integrity management. We recognize that this makes a difference in going the extra mile and to living up to our motto to ‘always give more’.

Company values permeate everything that is done and we use these values to form a solid foundation of the relationship with our clients. Integrity, Safety, Loyalty and Efficiency are our four core company values and each employee is expected to develop these values in their professional life.


To be the premier inspection organization with the best trained personnel in the Caribbean


We never give our clients what they pay for and expect…we ALWAYS give MORE!


All our employees brave the high-risk environment that we function in daily. Resultantly, managing their health and safety, as well as those around that may be impacted, is a principal part of our company focus. We strive to provide a safe work environment, partnering with our valued clients to ensure best practice standards are met, not only for personnel, but our surroundings also.

As an inspection company, our role helps to protect lives and the environment. While our coveralls are green, we also aim to have our company operating in an environmentally sustainable manner through a rigid HSE regimen, a developing recycling program and a green energy plan.